At Vertical Works we understand researching for your new home or addition can be overwhelming. You have probably gone to many websites, talked to sales people, maybe even got some introduction emails with package deals that all seem to look the same. Vertical Works recognizes that customers don’t want the “cookie cutter” options. You want to choose the floor-plan you want, and whatever tub, tile, or siding you want! Not just what product the builder wants to sell you. Sure, we have standard options too for when you may become overwhelmed by the many choices we offer you. But you have the choice!

Here’s what happens…

1. Financing-The worst part!

Most of us need a loan to build a home. Contact your preferred bank to talk about a loan for building your home. The bank will sit down and talk with you about how much you can finance. It’s important to know what your budget is before you start working out all the details of your project.

Another option is to self-finance your home or addition.

Or, self-finance part of your home or addition and get a loan for the other portion.

If you are not sure which bank you want to use, ask us! We are just a phone call away.


Contacting Us

Give us a call! We are more than happy to answer questions over the phone, or have you visit our factory to see what modular building really is. If you are not from the area, we can set you up with one of our trusted builders.

2. What are you looking to build?


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In the case of additions, there are two options: up, or out.

1st Floor Addition

Additions off the side, front, or back of your home can be just one room, or several. Or maybe it’s a combination of a room on the left or right side of your house, and another off the back. Vertical Works understands that not all lots and houses are the same. We can help remodel existing areas too, that way, your floor plan will flow together seamlessly!

2nd Floor Addition

A second floor addition might be an option if a customer can’t add onto the first floor due to a small lot, or how the house may be laid out, surrounding houses, etc. Adding a second floor instantly can double your living space if you wanted the addition to be the entire footprint of your first floor. Typically this type of addition gets you the biggest bang for your buck. No foundation work, and if your roof is bad-you are getting a new one anyway!

New Homes

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If you are building a new home, finding a lot, or land can be challenging. There are a few options. You could hire a realtor to find vacant land that is suitable for building. Or, you could speak to one of our trusted Builders, these individuals have been in the industry many years and know tons of people. They are a great resource and know where to look for land or lots and know who to talk to about buying the property.

Some customers prefer to find their own land or lot, and that is ok too.

If you already have land or a lot, that’s great! Part of the hassle is over!

Vertical Works has several building options. A complete Modular Box, which is almost 90% done. This means that everything from flooring and painting to light fixtures are installed and ready for hook up. Then there is the White Box option which is complete to the drywall stage of building. This gives people the option to choose flooring, paint color, and fixtures after the house is set. And the last option is the Shell Box, which is the structure with the siding and roofing so it is weather tight. This option is the most economical, and for the handy homeowner that prefers to do the finishing touches himself, or for contractors to finish at another time.

3. Builders or Factory Direct


Vertical Works does work closely with several Builders in the Wisconsin and Illinois area. We have shipped homes & additions for our builders and customers to Illinois, Iowa, and all over the state of Wisconsin. The Builders we work with understand that custom work is just the right fit for some people. A Builder can help pave the way to your home building experience.

Factory Direct

Because we are the manufacturer for Builders, we also can offer factory direct for those who live in the local area and would like to work with us one on one.

Let Vertical Works help you through the sometimes confusing process that is home building!

4. Plan & Options for Your Home-Yes, now we are getting somewhere!!


All of our homes are custom created, either off an existing plan or from ideas you got from books, magazines, maybe even from homes you have seen and liked or wanted to change. Talk to us and tell us all you had envisioned, we love all the details and dreams you have been waiting to put down on paper. When you are sure that we are the manufacturer for you, we require a small down-payment to create full detailed plans. If at any point you are not sure how something will actually look, a 3D rendering can be created to ease your mind.


Once you have decided the layout of your home, you get to select all sorts of options! We do have standard selections that we start with, just in case you want some things basic, and maybe just upgrade in some areas, but you are not limited to any selections of ours. If you bought a custom-made tub from Italy, or have reclaimed wood for your flooring, we will work with it. No problem! We love challenges. Never let a Builder make you feel pressured to pick from their selections only. This is your dream house or addition, not theirs!

5. Site & Factory Work

5. Site & Factory Work

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Now that most of the home details are worked out, the builder or Vertical Works will set up for your foundation to be poured. A hole is dug, the footings are formed and poured, and the foundation walls are formed and poured. An inspection will be done of the foundation before any backfill is done.

Water & Sewer

For the most part, the water and sewer are done around the same time. The Builder or Vertical Works will set up for your well or city water is to be drilled and the sewer to be dug. Both are also inspected.


While the foundation, well, and septic are being taken care of, our expert craftsmen have been working on your home. We invite you to come see your home being built. Our doors are always open!


Our craftsman take extra steps that exceed the normal code regulations because your home will be crane lifted onto the foundation. When the third party inspectors see how much detail and care went into building your home, the home always passes our factory inspection with flying colors.


Vertical Works fills out all the necessary paperwork with the state for your home. All of our homes need permits to travel to the job-site, along with a state approved route.

6. Setting Day

With the approved route and permits completed. Our staff will shrink wrap and secure your home for shipping to the job site. Each module is set onto a trailer. Each trailer is pulled by a truck and professional driver. In most cases each truck and trailer is required by the state to have an escort car in front and back of the load to ensure safety. Because the size of our load is unique, our route is created to avoid bridges and most side roads with angles, hills and trees, it will take your home a bit longer to get to the job site.

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Setting-The best day!

The setting process and crew is set up by the builder or by Vertical Works. Once all the boxes of the home have arrived, the crew gets right to work! Each box is unwrapped, strapped and lifted by the crane and set onto your foundation. It’s quite an amazing process to see! The home will be weather tight the same day to ensure no moisture is allowed in your home.

7. Tie Ins

This is part of your home as a whole, so the Builder or Vertical Works will complete all the final plumbing, HVAC, electrical and any other details that need to be completed after the house is set into place. This process takes about a month to complete depending on the size and design of your home.

8. Final Walk Through & Move In

Inspection Process

After completion of your home, it will be inspected again to ensure all tie-ins are properly completed. Any corrections will be taken care of by the Builder or Vertical Works.

Final Occupancy

After your inspection has been passed, you will be granted final occupancy by your local municipality.


Move In!!

It’s time to move in and make a life-time of memories in your new home or addition!