FAQ | Modular Homes | Custom Homes | Spicewood TX

What’s modular?

Put simply, it’s a home built in a factory, delivered to the home site and assembled there on a pre-built foundation.

What about financing?

Most financial institutions, real estate professionals, appraisers and insurance companies consider modular homes in exactly the same way as stick-built homes. In many ways – including durability and quality materials – they are superior to site-built homes.

Are they cheaper?

The honest answer to this question is: sometimes. It’s a fact that most modulars cost less per square foot than traditionally built homes. This is because the factory provides an ideal environment for building. It’s also true that modular homes are usually built to be more energy efficient, thus lowering the cost of ownership. The overall cost depends upon the options you choose for your home.

How long will my home last? Is it as strong as a traditional home?

Think about this: since the modular home needs to withstand the trip to the home site, it is actually built to be much stronger than a site-built structure. Also, keep in mind that we are fanatics about our materials. We work only with the highest-quality components from plumbing to roofing. We won’t settle for anything less.

How long will it take to build my modular home? When can I move in?

Of course, the answer to this depends upon the home style and the options that you choose. We have built entire homes in as little as 30 days. You should then allow a couple of weeks for your local builder to complete the work once it’s delivered to your site.

But, they all look alike, right?

Nope. Unless you’re hanging around the neighborhood when the home is delivered, you wouldn’t be able to tell a traditionally-build home from a modular. We’ve come a long way in perfecting design and building methods. Your new modular home will be totally different from your neighbor’s, if you want.

What’s the future of modular home construction?

Modular homes construction is the fastest-growing segment of the building industry. We predict that in the coming years, you’ll see a huge upsurge in modular home sales. It makes sense to put technology and building systems to good use inside the factory, rather than reinvent each structure on-site.