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Remodeling and Home Design
We seamlessly combine beauty and function. You want it, we can build it.  Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall. You could be in your dream home sooner than you think! Your kitchen will be the envy of the neighborhood. Can't decide between two styles of architecture? No problem, we will help you combine them. We are up to the challenge. Custom is our specialty. Every detail counts. Go bold, we will build your dreams. Built Strong-our houses are crane lifted and perfectly set into place.

Welcome to Vertical Works Inc.!

Quality, custom Wisconsin modular home builder featuring new construction, remodels and additions.

Join us for a journey into the future of construction! Here at Vertical Works, we've been doing our part in revolutionizing the "Modular Home" process. Using the latest techniques and materials, we're leading the way. We'll build you a home that will ensure years of comfort and quality for you and your family.

The best part about modular homes and additions is that their underlying construction is superior to site-built or stick-built homes. All building materials are stored and used in a controlled environment, so they never see a drop of rain. All homes are completely customized to your specifications; you won't end up with a cookie-cutter home. Each aspect of your home is completely customizable, down to the last detail.

There are so many reasons to choose modular:

  • Energy efficient
  • Faster build and delivery time
  • Superior quality
  • Eco-friendly

All our homes are built in our factory in Oak Creek, Wisconsin. Using materials that are above-standard is just the start. When building your home, we use the best and most trusted products in the industry. It's all about options and customization, so your new home is exactly what you envisioned. Talk to us. We're listening.

"Your quality of product and production consistently exceeds our expectations" - Laura H


Yes, we're green. And, we're proud of our commitment to green building.

The main idea behind "green building" is to provide a structure that is designed, built and operated with the goal of enhancing the eco-performance of the building and the surrounding property. We're well aware that most current construction practices consume a huge amount of natural resources and we want to take part in changing that.

At Vertical Works, we're committed to building a home that's focused on energy efficiency and conserving materials. Here are just some of the benefits of building green:
- Green homes are less expensive to operate, because they use less energy
- They provide an indoor environment that is conducive to better health
- They use more renewable resources
- They use more durable materials, thus reducing waste

Green homes do not need to be expensive. And you won't end up in a home that looks odd. Take a look at our gallery of beautiful homes that have been built with the environment in mind. You'll be surprised to see that, although they are constructed with the eco-system in mind, they look just like traditional homes. It's the underlying functions that are different.

What is a Modular Home?

Modular home construction inside our modern facility



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Remodeling and Home Design