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Remodeling and Home Design


Finger-jointed studs
These are studs made by bonding shorter sections of wood into longer lumber using water-resistant adhesives. These types of studs are used in vertical applications only and prevent warping and twisting.

LSL Framing
LSL (Laminated Strand Lumber) is the ideal solution for creating perfectly straight walls. This is necessary in rooms like kitchens and baths where cabinets will be hung. LSL provides for perfect, straight wall finishing, which reduces drywall cracking. The building process is faster, because there's no need for shimming or scribing.

Manufactured home
Sometimes referred to as mobile homes or trailers, manufactured homes are built in factories. They are constructed on a chassis that is not removable, so they are transported to their site on the wheels attached to the structure. If there is more than one segment, they are joined at the home site. Most often, manufactured homes are not placed on foundations. Thus, they are generally less expensive than modular or stick-built homes, but may not increase in value as time goes on.

Modular home
These homes are built in the factory and must conform to all state and local building codes that are in place at the home site. Sections are transported to the site by truck then finished by local builders. Modulars are as well-constructed and durable as a traditional site-built home and increase in value at the same rate. Financial institutions, municipalities and building inspectors consider modular homes the same as site-built.

Site-built or stick-built home
These homes are constructed entirely at the building site. Of course, they conform to all building codes in force in the municipality or area in which they're built.

What is a Modular Home?

Modular home construction inside our modern facility



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Remodeling and Home Design